This can be for a number of reasons:-

  • Sometimes people will undertake the pest treatment themselves making some unfortunate mistakes, quite often people will not read the instructions on the poisons that they have purchased from the shop or off the Internet.
  • It should be noted that the poisons customers come by are not the same strength as used by a Pest Control Company. A fully registered pest control company can buy specific treatments, these are stronger and more effective- but they do need to be handled carefully and only by trained persons due to the new restrictions on rodenticide use.
  • There are some poisons that we call multi-feed poisons, these need to be placed down every 3 to 4 days until the bait has stopped been removed, otherwise there is a chance of the rodents gaining immunity to that poison.
  • The poisons that a professional pest control company use would have been through a thorough and full risk assessment. A single feed poison is only available to properly trained companies and there are always new poisons and developments coming online which are restricted to professional use.

A very common question, this is why most professional companies will always use traps to help prevent rodents dying in areas that are inaccessible, therefore causing a terrible smell.
This is probably one of the most important questions and again a professional company should be looking for points of entry. There is little point in removing the current infestation, leaving holes and gaps where the rodents can then regain entry. This is not always as easy as it seems especially if you live in a terraced house, the entry points may not be coming from your direct property.

  • Walk around the outside of the property and see if there are any obvious holes around pipes; quite often we find building works have been done and as kitchen equipment has been moved they have just left a hole in the wall where the pipe used to be.
  • Hose around gas meters is also an ideal entry point
  • Often rodents can be seen going along fence lines and then gaining entry under the roof tiles
  • Probably the most important area to look at is the drains, a professional pest control company should always look at this as a possible entry point. We are finding more and more that this is where mainly rats are gaining entry.

The chemicals that the public can buy are not the same strength or make up as professional pest control companies. Companies can purchase specialized poisons which are only licensed for our use, it would naturally follow that of the chemicals that we use are stronger they are going to be more affective.
Unfortunately the public do not realise that there should be a two-part treatment action in dealing with fleas this should be conducted in connection with fleas and their breeding cycle.

The treatment for fleas should be undertaken at the same time as pet treatment. The eggs and larvae can lie dormant for up to 18 months. Treating the pets and not the home is not removing the infestation and vice versa.