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Under the heading of rodents we have mainly rats and mice. Although classed as ‘cute’ and ‘sweet’; they make up roughly 41% of known mammal species. The shape, size and type are very different in preferred habitat and location.

Rats can cause major damage to property and vehicles as they are constantly gnawing on any hard material from wooden doors, plastic to metal. They have no distinction between hard or soft materials (as in wires). Unfortunately they are also carriers of disease and infections. They will eat any substance but usually like to stick to knows sources. 


Placing a bait station may be the preferred action to take to eliminate the problem but rats are neophobic and it can take a week or two for them to accept and then investigate the new item in their ground. Obvious signs of rat infestation include smear marks, droppings and holes appearing in soft and hard furnishings.
Ensuring all rubbish is correctly and safely disposed of and small gaps of 10mm or larger are blocked are just a couple of ways to avoid rodent infestations.
In all rodent situations a minimum of a 4 part treatment is advised to greatly reduce rodent infestation. We are now able to use single feed poisons in and around buildings which may reduce treatment time depending on the type of location.
There are various treatments that can include baiting and or trapping.

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Under the heading of rodents we have mainly rats and mice. Although classed as ‘cute’ and ‘sweet’; they make up roughly 41% of known mammal...


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