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Rats can cause major damage to property and vehicles as they are constantly gnawing on surfaces from wooden doors, plastic to metal. They have no distinction between hard or soft materials (as in wires). Over 25% of all fires on farms are contributed to rats gnawing through wires. They will also do this in peoples lofts

They are also carriers of many diseases and infections. They will eat any substance but usually like to stick to knowsn sources which is why sometimes, it may take a while for rodents to take poisons. It should also be noted that rats are neophobic. This is a fear of new objects, which sometimes makes it more difficult to treat infestations when customers have tried to treat the issues themselves.

Intensive Treatment

In all rodent situations an intensive treatment is advised to greatly reduce current rodent infestations.

There are many ways in treating a rodent problem depending on the location and situation. This can vary from simple proofing of rodent entry points, trapping to using multi-feed poisons. Multi-feed poisons are safer for non-target species to the new single feed poisons. The use of sticky boards is currently going under new legislation and may change anytime.

Importance of Rodent Control

  • Rat urine and droppings can transmit diseases such as Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis).
  • Rodents can cause damage to your property by gnawing and burrowing.
  • Rodents can cause significant loss to your business, property and reputation.
  • Property owners have a legal obligation under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949.

Possible Evidence of Rodents

  • Droppings are often widespread measuring approximately 3 to 6 mm long and cylindrical with rounded ends.
  • Smear marks when a rodent constantly travels in and out of an area will leave grease from its fur causing a dark brown / black mark.
  • Gnawing: Due to continual teeth growth, rodent gnaw continually on materials such as wood, carpets, paper, pipe cables, and furniture.
  • Rodent noises include: scratching or squeaking in walls, under stairs cupboards, lofts or other voids.
  • You should be particularly careful to identify correctly the type of droppings and be mindful that you may have bats inside the loft – this inhibits the use of rodenticides.
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