Why DIY Pest Control Techniques Do Not Work!!

Daily we get to hear information that the public is reluctant to use professionals to treat rodent infestations. Their main motive lies in this perception that it might be costly to hire a professional for help or the homeowners want to attempt themselves in treating such rodent infestations.

You need to hire professionals who can help you remove such rodent infestations in your home. They can even offer valuable pest control tips that can be useful for keeping rodents away from your property.


Make sure not to purchase any sonic technology because they don’t work.  You might have to pay a bit of money for a device that will just sit there and do the work. You will be able to find manufacturers of these sonic devices.

  • A rat infestation can take place in your garden area too. It would help if you took prior control over it. For removing such rodent infestations garden pest control tips are required. Therefore, make sure to hire a professional that will help you with such situations.

The device is put in a room full of rats. The outcome has shown that many rats were crawling towards the device. Such devices do not work efficiently, and it will be better if you do not waste your time and money on this.

  • Many people believe that traps will remove any rat or mouse in the house, which is false. You can never control a rat infestation with traps. Usually, mice and rats give birth every 24 to 28 days. The litter size for rats is generally between 6 and 11, with mice producing 6 to 7 in a litter.

Rat infestation is mainly found in kitchens. Therefore, you will need many kitchen pest control tips from a professional that will help you solve the issue permanently. You will also need an immense number of traps that will help you combat this issue. And you will have to re-set them constantly.

Rats and mice are very intelligent, and once they see that a rat or mice are getting caught, they will stay away from such traps without getting caught. Rats are Neophobic and will be very reluctant to go near a new object that has been placed in their harbourage area. Traps are only used as a monitoring device or in conjunction with bait.

  • Baiting the rodents is the only way to remove such infestations. Bait is widely available for the public, which may seem appealing for a homeowner to purchase and deal with rat infestation problems. But there are issues with this option as well.

Rodent control is not easy as it seems by simply putting a bait and walking away from that area. It would be best if you looked at the overall picture and question yourself why these rodents are there in the first place and get access to your home. This should be at the top of your priority as it is far more essential.

There are certain pest control tips and tricks on how much bait to put down, where to put it, how to put it down and what else needs to be addressed.

To remove rodent infestation in your house by yourself is not an easy job. Therefore, it is advised that you should leave this work to the professionals. Other than making sure that are no rodents on your property, they can also provide you with pest control tips that will be helpful.

Why DIY Pest Control Techniques Do Not Work!!